StartIsBack++ 2.9.15 License Code

Finally, I reached the hands that would put the program StartIsBack for windows 10, which will help everyone to return the usual start menu. To be honest, I myself have not yet fully got used to the new style of menu, which introduced Microsoft. I think quite a few users. In fact, that’s what prompted me to publish this wonderful program. Immediately I want to draw attention to the fact that StartIsBack comes with sewn activation. This means that after installation it is activated and ready to work.

Microsoft, as promised, returned the start menu in the operating system windows 10, but many did not like it, because it is still different from what we are all used to. Users are too used to the classic menu, and want to see it, and work with it. I want to introduce you to the program StartIsBack++ which returns the start menu in windows 10. It just needs to be installed, and your system will appear the usual menu. Not a little important is that the program does not install any additional services, works clearly and without errors. In addition, the user is available a lot of settings, thanks to which he will be able to customize the design and functionality of the launch is for themselves, and their needs.

30.08.2021: Update new crack. 100% work!


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