KineMaster 5.2.4 Mod APK

Kinemaster is a professional video editing program that is installed only on the Android operating system. Its main advantage is the multi-track interface, which has become a classic for desktop systems. You can add video files, photos, sound tracks, as well as many additional effects and text to the project.

In the simple version of Kinemaster downloaded from the Play Market, each step is accompanied by an advertisement, and the resulting video file contains a watermark. In addition, the built-in FX effects, fonts and other tools are simply not available to the user. Therefore, I recommend downloading KineMaster Premium Mod APK 5.2.4 and not listening to other common deceptions, which are full of Youtube and Telegram.

As a result of the search, an archive was found in the working version of the program and the author distributes it for free. But as it turned out, you need a password for the archive, and there is no password anywhere. I want to share with you the previously downloaded APK application, use and create your own videos. Now you can shoot content and mount it without a personal computer.

The application will make your videos unusual by applying blur or mosaic effects. KineMaster Mod tools allow you to crop the video to the beginning, end, or even into several fragments. The same goes for sound: add markers for spot volume control. Check everything with the built-in player, set the resolution, frame rate and perform rendering. Check the saved file on the classic player.


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