iDevice Manager Pro Edition 10.8.2 + Crack

Recently, phones have become powerful computers. Yes, they lack a keyboard and mouse, but they have a full-fledged operating system and a high-performance processor. IDevice Manager Pro is installed on Windows 10 and allows you to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad. However, since phones are becoming more important than computers, you may need to reverse the operation-transfer from a stationary device to a portable one. Also with the release of iOS 11, users faced the problem of converting the HEIC format to JPG. This function is implemented in our small utility.

To enable iDevice Manager Pro Edition, you must have the key from the front Desk. You need to open the Crack folder and copy just one file along the installation path. Then go to the main window of the program and click on the activation button, which is located on the left side. The procedure itself is performed automatically, without unnecessary movements. There is a new version of a good file Manager for your iPhone device, it is also suitable for iPad, it works under the Windows operating system, and you can download a version for Mac from the official website. As far as I know, this app can give you the ability to copy files and folders from your devices to your computer and do it in the opposite direction, so you can download iPhone Explorer from our project.

iPhone Manager can work in conjunction with another program Good Reader, so you can view and drag large files in PDF format, that is, electronic literature, all kinds of documentation. Now it’s easy to manage files and folders on your can delete them, rename them, copy them, move them, and so on. With iPhone Explorer, you can use your iPhone as a flash drive, which is also convenient, the program itself is small, but there is no Russian support, this is sad, but you can understand it, look at the screenshot and you will understand everything.


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