Hetman Uneraser 6.1 + Registration Key

Today I want to introduce you to another useful program for file recovery Hetman Uneraser. I am sure that you have had a situation where documents or photos were accidentally destroyed. If you have simple magnetic data storage devices, then the loss situation can be quickly changed. First, make sure that the disk in your computer or laptop is of the HDD type. To do this, measure its size, which should be 3.5 inches. Next, check the shopping cart, it may contain the items you are looking for. Otherwise, run the Hetman Uneraser 2021 utility and start scanning.

Of course, the work with disks does not end, the program is able to work with all types of media, whether it is a USB disk or a player, a digital camera or just a memory card, you can easily recover data from these devices. Plus you get a good built-in preview, that is, before you restore the file, you can see it, then you can understand exactly what you were looking for or not. Hetman Uneraser is very painstaking will look for the specified files, and the recovery will do everything as correctly as possible, so that the file should be in order.

Please note, the product can safely recover data, for this purpose, a chip has been implemented that will allow you to create and then use a disk image, and you can create an image of both the logical and the entire disk as a whole. Hetman Uneraser is also able to write files to different types of disks after recovery, you can immediately upload data through the file Protocol to a remote server. Separately, I would like to note the simple user interface, it looks a bit like a standard Windows Explorer, it is convenient to work in it, even a beginner will be able to understand without any problems.

To activate Hetman Uneraser, you must generate a registration combination of characters. Select the desired Hetman product from the list, then enter any name. As a result, you will get a key that you need to copy (Ctrl+C) and paste into the appropriate field.


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