DigiDNA iMazing 2.14.2 + Crack

DigiDNA iMazing-the program is designed to give you control over your iPhone or iPod device, you can access them as any external storage devices. If not all components are installed on your system, they will need to be downloaded separately, but it can be done at the time of installation of this SOFTWARE, the presence of iTunes is required. DigiDNA iMazing allows you to use five functions: copy a file from your device to your computer, copy a folder to your computer, create a folder, delete files from your device, copy files from your computer to your device. The program is able to work with photos, notes, videos, applications.

The application is a user-friendly file Manager for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Provides access to the Root and Media partition of devices running on iOS. DiskAid supports iPhone / iPod Touch connection auto-detection. With DiskAid, you can transfer files and folders from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer and back using a USB connection or Wi-Fi. The program can be used to send text messages (SMS), contacts, notes, voice mail, call history. You get an external drive with file managers, and using it with the program FileApp, you will not only copy folders and files to your device, but also be able to run them immediately.

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