AIDA64 6.60.5900 Extreme Edition with Full Crack

If You are looking for a program that can tell everything about your personal computer, it is better than AIDA64 Extreme Edition, You just can not find. It is able to display almost any information, starting with the installed hardware, ending with the version of the system driver. You will be able to view information about the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM, as well as other connected devices. In this case, You will be available to their specifications, for example, while viewing data about the video card, You will be presented with information about its memory, bus, GPU, operating frequency. The same data is presented for other devices.

Want to know a little more about your personal computer? If so, the AIDA64 tool will help you with that. With it, you can perform a full test of the PC, during which will be available absolutely all the information about the computer. The only condition for testing is that the operating system was windows. Using AIDA64 Extreme, you can get information about the CPU, the motherboard, as well as the video card and monitor. In addition, information about all storage devices, i.e. hard drives, is provided. You can also get information about network devices and system security in General.

AIDA64 can tell you about the installed system and its components. Also for you will be available information about Windows processes, system drivers, running services. At the same time all, You can see the statistics of the system, which can be seen when it was the first start of the system, the maximum operating time, the number of reboots, failures. You can also get information about the BIOS, that is, its manufacturer, release date, and a link to its update. I want to note that in addition to information about the components themselves, there is a link to update their drivers. If necessary, you can view the temperature of the installed devices, for example, You can find out the temperature of hard drives, the motherboard, in General, any device, the main thing that it would have been installed the necessary sensor. In addition, the program shows the speed of rotation of the system fans.

The program allows you to test the iron of the computer. You will be able to perform a General stability check. You can also check the CPU and FPU as well as RAM and much more. The application has a great wizard to create reports on the work done. In General, if you want to know everything about your computer, then You just need to download this application. This product does not need to register, the license key is already contained in AIDA64 Extreme, and is entered on the machine.


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