Adguard PREMIUM APK v4.0.77ƞ Free License 2022

I am glad to welcome you, because you have found a modified version of Adguard Premium with a built-in license. To install it, you do not need Root rights, run just the APK file and the advertisement starts to block. With the help of Adguard, you can not only block pop-up ads, but also protect yourself from dangerous Internet objects that will destroy your phone.

This popular program is able to load sites much faster, because intrusive ads are downloaded more from the server. A large number of dangerous sites have now simply fallen under the filter and will not be able to eat your megabytes. Also, you will not be able to calculate the so-called trackers, with the help of a VPN emulator, your location will be different.

If you go to Google Play Market, you will see that only the Adguard Content Blocker is there. This is not a full-fledged program, but only works on Yandex browser and Samsung. You will be surprised, but Google has decided to remove Adguard APK Premium from its software storage. Nevertheless, you can download a modified version of Adguard 2022 from our website and install it on your Android device.

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