Adguard Premium 7.4.3247.0 + License Key

This application was created specifically for cleaning sites from banners, and similar things. After I installed this program, and included it in the protection, I was pleasantly surprised, because when you go to any site on it just was not a single banner. How nice to get information, when nothing hinders, and does not irritate. By the way, Adguard helps to save Internet traffic, because with the protection enabled, advertising is blocked, which means less data is transmitted, as a result of this, not only traffic is saved, but also the speed of opening pages increases. The program has already configured the filter, the cut of this You will be able to create your own, as it is possible to update the database, which contains current information.

The program allows you to choose a browser to filter traffic, simply put, you can choose the Internet browser in which you want to disable advertising, and which is not. You can also pause traffic filtering completely by pressing one button. By turning off the advertising program saves your Internet traffic, it is especially useful for those who access the Internet via modem, if you want you can see in the program report how much traffic was saved. By the way when the protection of Internet pages are loaded much faster, I think You will notice it. Now the application supports all the most popular Internet browsers. The list of features of the program is constantly increasing, by the way now it protects against phishing sites.

Many people know that the activation of this product has always been a problem, now you can forget about it, this copy is almost registered, with what the archive has instructions on how to enter the key in Adguard 2020, after its installation. This program was specifically designed to block ads on Internet resources. The interesting thing is that the program already has its own advertising filter, that is, You just need to install the program and turn on the protection, after which the advertising on all portals will simply disappear, and You can safely get the information you need. Thanks to the updated databases, the program is really a highly effective means to disable advertising. It is possible to adjust the lock mode, that is, you can set the degree of protection. If You suddenly do not fit one, You can create your own filter.


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